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    Thread: Introducing myself

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      not aware that he can set his status here!

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      Introducing myself

      Hi this is Rehan Ghaffar here from kolkata.
      Would like to give a short introduction about myself. Quite obvious why I’m writing here - am a car enthusiast since my childhood. Have been driving cars for the last 26 years. I’m one of the co owners of the Octavia vrs and hence member of the all india vrs group. Am very happy to know how the young generation is enthusiastic about modern days cars and its technicalities. The world has become very competitive and so has our lives and our cars and our members here in the forum. I’m happy to be a part of it as every day is a learning experience for all of us till the day we live in this world - am very pleased to learn so much new things frm all of you and hope to acquire more knowledge every new day.
      However would not like to make it too long so wld like to end here sharing my garage with all of you. Am a proud owner of a Hyundai I-10 (2010), Bmw x-1(f-48) 2017, bmw 3 series (2018) and finally Octavia vrs (2018).

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      Welcome aboard Rehan Sir. Glad to see you here as well.
      2002 Tata Indica DLS.
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      2005 Suzuki Baleno - India's fastest Naturally Aspirated Baleno timed on a drag strip officially!
      2008 Suzuki Swift VDi - The Rattle King.
      2011 Chevrolet Cruze - The Torque Monster.
      2016 Ford Ecosport 1.5 TDCi Titanium - The SQ Machine in the making.
      2017 Skoda Octavia VRS - A 400+HP corner craving machine!
      2014 MOC SQ Pro Champions.
      Harmonixx Tuning - Importers for Audiofrog & Arc Audio/APR Tuning Authorized Dealers/Engine Remap Specialists for all makes/models.
      Dealers for Rainbow/Mosconi/Eton/Stetcom/Tru Technology/Blam Audio/Mobridge/Stetsom/Audible Physics/AIV/Gladen/Dampmat/Dr Artex Damping and more.

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      Welcome Nice set of wheels. Which ones do you like to drive the most among the lot?

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      Quote Originally Posted by rehan75 View Post
      Hi this is Rehan Ghaffar here from kolkata
      Welcome Rehan....Nice collection you have...have a happy stay here!!

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      Welcome aboard. I will request you to not only read posts, but also contribute to the discussions At the moment you are in the 'watch' category but should soon become free to post.

      I saw your comments about newbies. Remember in my early days you had a choice of three, Amby, Fiat (later Premier) and Herald. The latter was not popular being a two door sedan. Petrol was about 79 Octane, so even the engine sound was different.
      Drive carefully, the life you save may be your own.
      Honda Civic V AT (2010), Honda Brio V AT 2012
      Hyundai Accent GLS, 2003; Hyundai Santro AT (2005)

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      Quote Originally Posted by rehan75 View Post
      Hi this is Rehan Ghaffar here from kolkata.
      Welcome to Gearheads.

      Quote Originally Posted by rehan75 View Post
      Am a proud owner of a Hyundai I-10 (2010), Bmw x-1(f-48) 2017, bmw 3 series (2018) and finally Octavia vrs (2018).
      nice bunch of cars there.

      Enjoy your time here.

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