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    Thread: Greetings, fellow gearheads!

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      not aware that he can set his status here!

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      Greetings, fellow gearheads!

      At the onset, let me begin by extending a warm handshake to all Gearheads on this forum!

      I'm 19, from Kolkata, and I've been interested in automobiles for as long as I can remember. My father taught me the basics of driving a car when I was just 7 years old, in a Maruti Gypsy at a private resort in Kaziranga. My father is a automobile enthusiast himself, and owned a couple of Ambassadors and Maruti Omnis in his 20s. Currently, we do not own a car since my father now hates driving on the congested city roads.

      My father's prized possession was his 1990 Hero Honda CD 100 Sleek, which served him faithfully till 2015 (Yes!), until constant niggles forced him to get rid of the bike. He then bought a 2015 Honda CB Shine solely for the purpose of going to the market 200 metres away, once a week. After I turned 18, I started riding the bike myself, and in a year the odometer has gone from 1500kms to 8100kms (as of today). I do not use it for my commute, but I make it a point to use it if I'm travelling anywhere within a 15km radius of our house. I love riding the bike so much, that a journey of 5kms is often extended, covering several extra kilometres just so I can spend more time riding.

      I'm definitely not proud of the fact that I'm a somewhat aggressive rider, which is further highlighted by the fact that my 125cc motorcycle returns a mileage of just 35 kilometres per litre on an average! However, I do take care of my ride, with periodic services at my FNG, and even the tiniest of niggles are attended to at the earliest.
      My parents however, are buying me a hatchback soon (they're not a fan of my aggressive riding style either), and I shall make another thread for that.
      Currently, the garage at home has 4 two-wheelers:
      1. 1989 Bajaj Chetak, immaculately maintained by my uncle.
      2. 2015 Honda CB Shine
      3. 2015 Honda Activa
      4. 2016 Suzuki Gixxer SF, my cousin's ride.

      Having a keen interest in filmmaking, I've made several short films since the age of 13, and have won awards at various school level festivals. I'm deeply passionate about dogs, automobiles, cameras, and educating people about the ill effects of excessive smartphone and social media usage. Currently, I'm a sophomore in college.

      I look forward to the enriching experience that I'm sure I'll gain from this forum!

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      VTEC still Kicks In Yo!
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      Welcome to GHs revvmaster. Good to see new members from Calcutta.

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      Linea MJD
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      Quote Originally Posted by revvmaster View Post
      However, I do take care of my ride, with periodic services at my FNG, and even the tiniest of niggles are attended to at the earliest.

      Welcome, young man!

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      What a CAR?
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      Welcome revvmaster.. Happy and safe motoring.
      Bitten by Linea Bug.... Now enjoying the MJD. Navigating with Sygic in Z1.

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